Parenting in Alaska

Another thing inspired me today, a child who asked me what I did in the days proceeding the job I currently have. His dad had taught him to ask as many people as possible this question, and gain some insight in life. I greatly admire parenting that leads to curiosity in kids, and ambition.
His question led to a long discussion about Disney Parks, which i use to work for and where he wants to work someday. He wants to be a performer, so we talked about auditions and expectations. He was genuinely interested in my experience of the process, and wanted to learn and add it to his knowledge base for when he was older.
To many kids on these cruises are provided with invaluable information, and visiting speakers from native Alaska, or from National Geographic, and waste their chances to play some stupid game that will be available when their bored and don’t have Alaska right outside the window.
I love my 3DS, but my child would not have access to his if Id paid thousands of dollars and was literally standing at the foot of a glacier, and had access to professionals that knew the history and animals of the area.
Just a few weeks ago I saw a whale watching group go out in a boat, and caught sight of a kid on the boat who was deeply engrossed in his gameboy and was missing everything. This is when the device needs to die.
I blame the parents who ‘suggest parent’ their kids.
“Oh honey, would you like to come outside and see the glacier? No? Please? Just for a minute? … Ok I’ll come back later, but please think about it.”
Heeeeeeeell no. This would be me, “oi were going outside, glacier time… No? Oh… Well either you come with me, enjoy the nature you might never see again, learn some facts and enjoy yourself or your game makes some new fish friends at the bottom of the ocean.”
Im gonna miss the glaciers when we leave. :/ Skagway tomorrow! Thinking I’ll try some local salmon, gotta start liking fish more.
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4 thoughts on “Parenting in Alaska

  1. I sometimes think about the quality of life tribes of the amazon have. We have longer lives but I think they have a filler life. Sad to hear the kid being too enticed on the DS. Should have helped him by giving it to the fish haha

    1. I’d love to go away one day, to like rural Asia or something and live completely different for like 3 months. Total change, I bet it would change you so much as a person, for the better.

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