Back on Dry Land, and Back to Sanity!

Well I’ve finished my contract and I’m back on land! So I’m using this time as responsibly as anyone could, by going to New York!
Getting here was a pain in the butt though because I was working in the States on a working visa and therefore if I wanted to hang out here I needed to exit and re-enter on an Esta.
For anyone that doesn’t know, certain countries that have alliances with the States can enter without a visa so long as they go online first and register for an online visa waiver called an esta. But for me this meant flying to Canada and then flying back so that I could go back through immigration and re-enter on the esta.
Most people in my position fly return to Nassau as its a foreign airport and so close to the States, but I hate Nassau. I must be the only Australian alive that avoids sun and sand like the plague. I can’t stand either. Honestly when English people describe their home as being cold, wet and windy I wanna pack up everything and move there forever.
So I went to Toronto and stayed the night at the Hilton in the room I’d booked about a month ago.
Now I don’t remember booking the room at all, so needless to say I was flabbergasted to arrive and find out I’d booked a master suit on almost the top floor.
A bit of context, if one hasn’t worked on a ship before then you can’t be expected to know what happens to you towards the end of your contract, but in my experience it is hysteria caused by extreme exhaustion. During my contract I worked 75 hour weeks as a performer doing highly physical shows, 7 days a week for 6 months straight.
This is why towards the end I stopped writing, stopped reading, stopped doing anything beyond working, eating, sleeping, and staring at the tv. I became a shell person towards the end.
I wasn’t like that the whole contract, I spent the majority of it buying an investment property in New Zealand. If you’ve read my posts for long you’ll know I talk about investing as a huge passion of mine, it’s the key difference in my opinion between someone who talks about traveling, and someone that can afford to do it.
But i decided recently that stocks weren’t enough anymore and I wanted the constant cash flow of someone paying me rent, so I cashed in most of the stock and bought an investment in a country not my own so that I wouldn’t lose any of the tax benefits Australia gives to its citizens if they buy whilst living locally. (Live in America and invest back home and you lose tax wise).
Anyway, I spent the contract sorting out the hardest task ever, buying a house from the U.S, from a ship no less, and this house is in a country I’m not from. It was bloody hard to say the least, but it kept me from getting bored.
Once that was over my contract was nearly done and I was so exhausted I checked out mentally. Everything after that point I forget, including booking a hotel room way beyond what I needed and would normally pay for. I’m a frugal person normally, so this move was totally out of character.
But here I was, looking out out into the city in an incredible room with a bed the size of a house for one awesome night.
But I’m in New York now in a guesthouse I found on a hostel website, and I’m seeing the greatest city on Earth.
So far I’ve spent the last day walking around the city, finding iconic places from my favourite shows and movies and quoting them as loudly as I can and laughing (a favourite past-time) but soon I’ll do less weird stuff one expects of tourists haha.
I’m gonna travel New York and LA for a little over 2 weeks, then I’ll finally go home, see family and friends for a few weeks, then come back.

I’ll detail much more about my New York trip every day while I’m here 🙂 I hope you follow along and enjoy the ride, sorry about the hiatus while I had lost my mind while working but I’ve slept and am mentally returning to the human race. Subscribe if you’d like more of the good stuff and I’ll see ya’ll tomorrow 🙂

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