Theatre in Perspective

Comedy Cellar tonight!
You know, It’s unusual for me to give all my time to comedy places and small theatres when my usual thing is the giant musicals.
Yeah in the past I’ve always cared about theatre, but allowed myself to go to the enormous world touring musicals almost exclusively.
Well no longer! I’ve looked into all the smaller theatres with dynamite casts and awesome sounding plays and I’m gonna go to as many as I can!
Being in New York I have access to tons of theatre, and the best part is that the casts are awesome! Being from Australia, its more likely that the cast is young and just starting out, but I love that in this city many of them have at least appeared in something that I love. Thats all I ask of a cast! Just appear once in a tv show that I care about! I don’t think thats much to ask.
I also love that I can crave theatre and go any night of the week, and there be tons of options. So I’m going to a comedy show tonight with 6 comedians who have done stuff, and its 12 bucks. Where has this city been all my life?
Stuff stays open, theres options, and the soda’s are huge.
In other news, has anyone been to the Toys R Us in Times Square? Oh my goodness its like an entire shopping mall of toys, fun and ferris wheel!
This city is so impressive that the shops that are normally boring everywhere else in the world, are circus monstrosities here.
Now I’m off to find something amazing to eat, I haven’t eaten anything life changing yet so I need to find that life changing food that changes my life.
See ya’ll soon 😉

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