Who’s Line is it Anyway?

Yay for New York and once in a lifetime experiences!
I’m traveling New York with my brother, and tonight we traveled to the East side to see an improv show at Upright Citizens Parade (UCB). It was a decent show with some hilarious improvised gags, following the show was a free jam night where they continued the improv and had people from the audience join them.
As you may know I do a lot of improv for a living for Disney, but I wasn’t about to get up on a stage in New York with a bunch of strangers and perform. And on vacation?? No haha, I don’t take my work home with me :p I’m joking I’m not a douche.
Anyway, my brother made me do it, and although I was unnecessarily scared out my mind, I went up and contributed to some pretty funny improv. Of course the really hilarious lines were delivered by the guys that were cast at the theatre, a couple of them among the best I’ve seen. But I got in a few lines I was happy with. 🙂
But beside improv, today we ate a lot of food and saw the movie ‘Gone Girl’ which was freaking awesome.
I’m really just enjoying for the most part walking through the city, I know that when I went to China earlier this year that was my favourite part of that trip too. Walking through Times Square is a lot like Nanjing Road except somehow more crowded. I’m finding New York more crowded than Shanghai, and that caught me massively by surprise.
I’m particularly loving finding icons from my favourite shows, such as the statue outside of 30 Rock. Tomorrow we’re gonna go see NBC and also go to the comedy cellar yay! BTW did I mention that Gone Girl is freaking awesome? You really need to go see it.
I need to get McDonalds grip off my life though, I’ve eaten it so many times since being here, it’s follows me across the world! I ate it in China, Japan, Fiji, New Zealand, all over America, seemingly if I went to Antarctica it would open it’s doors there. I don’t know how I’m thin.
Starting tomorrow I’m gonna eat other stuff, like Wendy’s haha, no! Real stuff I promise.
I’ll keep you posted on my real stuff, but I’m gonna end this post early and sleep, but I’ll have another one up real soon. Stay posted and subscribe for more of the good stuff 😉 See ya soon air breathers.

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