Irrational Celebrity Craziness Disorder

Has anyone experienced the horrible task of approaching a celebrity you admire and trying to say hi?
I’m someone I consider confident by nature, particularly in a social setting, but when it comes to meeting someone from television I can’t handle it.
I first noticed my hero Ryan Shelton when I was lining up for tonights Comedy Cellar in New York. He was just standing there near me with some mates and after being scared like a little girl for 15 minutes we were ushered in and I missed my chance.
I’ve never felt depression like that before, it was like a self loathing mixed with an insatiable regret and misery. I laughed hysterically at the comedians, but it was mixed with a feeling of pain and anguish.
Luckily though after the night was done and people were mingling outside, I finally summed up all my courage and approached him and shook his hand.
From there everything pretty much fell apart. I gushed like a crying school girl, I fan girled like you’ve never seen before. You would’a thought he was Justin Beiber and I was a preteen girl, it was bad.
You could tell he was trying to fix it by changing the conversation to the comedy night and to me. He seemed genuinely interested in what I do for a living, but I didn’t indulge him much on anything that wasn’t related to him and his awesomeness.
Needless to say that we will not be exchanging numbers, and I may never see him again, but if all I’ve accomplished is that I’ve made a hilarious Australian guy feel like a celebrity on a night where he is watching other funny people make money with their funniness, then it was all worth it.
It was sad to hear that he’s currently not working, he is crazy hilarious and awesome after all. I often forget how fickle this industry is, and how your rolling in the Benjamin’s and happy times one minute, and then wondering why you didn’t study accounting the next. It’s what keeps things interesting, but also terrifying.
I hope that it made Ryan Shelton happy to meet a rabid fan, I assume it doesn’t happen all the time. But even if he didn’t, I’m glad it happened to him on a night he had been to the Comedy Cellar, that way things would be ok anyway.
Why are we this way with people I wonder? People are just people, whether they perform for the camera or not. Does it make a person better to perform for a camera? And then have that performance viewed by millions of people?
I think it’s the greatest irrationality of our planet.
People will never fall to pieces meeting a great surgeon, or someone that cracks a scientific discovery that furthers medical science ten years. But God meeting someone that can learn a script and recite it in front of a camera and people lose their mind.
It’s irrational, but it’s a fact. I lost my mind tonight irrationally, people spend a week watching me perform on the Disney Wonder, then pass me in a hallway and whisper to each other nervously and giggle. (All the fame I could ever really hope for haha).
Well thats the end of my rant, I’ll be back again tomorrow to rant some more, until then sleep well and enjoy something ridiculous. 🙂

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