Invented by Me ;)

I’ve been thinking lately that I should be doing something productive with my vacation.
I’ve begun watching ‘Silicone Valley’ which is a comedy series following app designers working for a company called Huli that is basically Google.
In this show, young people are designing apps, making things and changing the world. I love watching shows like this, and love watching people innovate stuff and make change. This is why I love ‘Shark Tank’ so much, a reality show following investment “sharks” put money into new innovations and businesses, but I want to be part of it!
I’ve begun my slow path to becoming an investor, however I’m not even close to becoming an entrepreneur, so I’m not sure what I can do, but I want to contribute something!
So I’ve got 5 weeks left of vacation from work, and I’ve put my money into my New York/Melbourne/Queensland travel and my real estate investment. With all my money tied up, and whilst traveling, is there anything I can do?
I’m ok with the idea of buying my way into someone else’s idea, the beauty of investment, but for that id need much more money and smarts.
I’m in New York right now, in the line to get into the Guggenheim at donation prices, that’s right I’m with the other cheap sons of guns who don’t wanna pay full price for culture.
Inside is full of peoples thoughts, ideas and inventions taunting me.
Does anyone else have these thoughts? What can I create, put my name on and offer to the world?!
I guess writing is an obvious answer, but I would have to be narcissistic to truly believe the world is going to actually benefit from my putting pen to paper, not to mention the fact that I’ll sooner discover the existance of Unikitties before earning money from writing anything.
Another answer is to learn a new skill besides the one I utilize for a living. To be honest, I did take an online code writing class, and as good as the class was I’m useless in regards to both talent and interest.
I once used a cheating app making program to make a crappy space game, but its no flappy bird to say the least.
I’m guessing for now I’m going to have to settle for my lot, traveling the world as a stage performer for Walt Disney Entertainment. (I’m totally joking my job rocks), but nomatter how good employment gets I’m never gonna rest on my laurels until I’m adding something tangible and feeling awesome doing it.
If you’d like, let me know your thoughts on contribution to the world, id love to know what you think. If you haven’t already, subscribe for more thoughts n stuff as I travel, and have a good night tonight. 🙂
Think of something awesome while you sleep, then let me invest in it haha! Till next time, have a good one 😉

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