Am I … Becoming American?

I’m loving having the internet back so much!
I’m using it right now to watch ‘Last Week Tonight with John Oliver’ and learning everything that’s wrong with America.
Damn if this show isn’t interesting, it’s such a great watch, but holy cow does it make America seem messed up.
I’m sure every country has as many problems, but every country does not have lots of resources to make high quality HBO shows that tell us all our countries problems.
Between this show, Jersey Shore, Bridezilla, and a number of other self depredating TV shows, us foreigners are wondering if there’s any benefit to America.
But we’re the ones at the end of the day coming to America, and America remains a country where very few people immigrate away so I guess theres more to this country than meets the television.
I’ve seen some parts that I’ve really liked, and I’ve got to admit the majority places I have the best memories of are in the South.
I had some amazing times meeting people in Texas, some incredible food and genuinely warm people who laughed a lot and loved my accent.
I’ve got to say though, they’re crazy for loving my accent when the southern accent (particularly the Texas one) is in my opinion the best accent in the world. I think it’s an amazing accent, it’s fun, relaxing and literally impossible to sound snobbish no matter what is said.
I also love Florida and have spent lots of time there, although people say it doesn’t really count as the South. I think thats crazy coz you can’t get any more south than Florida before hitting Mexico, but apparently when it comes to Florida the further south you go the further north your actually headed.
Whatever the case, the South is as friendly as people say, and the North has New York so it’s ok with me. 😉
I think the only things I wouldn’t do in America with my current understanding of things is study, or use the hospital without money. But thats ok, I’ve tried study in my home country and Disney covers my health care in America so we’re covered there.
Besides these two issues I’d live here definitely, I’d just make sure not to murder anyone within a death penalty state, and try to avoid guns as like everyone non-American and non-tough I’m terrified of them.
Oh crap — does that rule out Texas? — But I love Texas.
It doesn’t matter, as I spend more time here my understanding grows, and I grow more American. I’m hitting my R sounds harder these days, and I find that American McDonalds tastes absolutely fine now. I barely recognise myself.
Perhaps I’ll travel to Europe next and iron out some of the rougher changes.
Anyway, tomorrow we’re headed to LA so I’m going to get some sleep before my (God help me) 7 hour flight tomorrow.
(If I’m dreading this flight so much, how will I be in 5 days when I fly roughly 45,00000 hours to Australia?? Best not to worry now).
Please subscribe for more adventures, and keep wearing sunscreen. 🙂
Particularly in Australia.
Our Ozone is practically a piece of ripped cling wrap.

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