Sell Me!

Hold the phone everyone I just discovered that JFK has free wifi.
Yep, I’ve been shunning this airport all this time because I thought that the only wifi was the expensive wifi but no, you can scroll down and you a link that allows you free wifi if you watch an American Airlines commercial first. AA pays for your internet if you watch their ad, amazing.
I feel like I book flights based on who’s cheapest at the time, but American paid a ton of money to make a commercial and literally just paid for me to enjoy internet in exchange for me watching the commercial they made. All this, and I’m 100% sure it won’t influence my decision making when booking flights in the future.
I say this yet I wonder whether theres something about my own mind I don’t know, that they do know.
Commercials can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to make, and unlike movies people are actively avoiding seeing them, so the profits generated from the commercial aren’t as black and white and easy to graph.
When business spikes you have to hope it was because of this incredibly expensive investment, but so often I suspect these commercials are not working.
When their annoying and shout at me, I actively avoid their product. Although actively avoiding their product is still thinking about and talking about their product, so maybe it works after all. You see? They know our thoughts.
With the hundreds of thousands being spent on common commercials, and millions spent on larger campaigns, there is definitely something else going on.
I get bombarded with a lot of advertisements from very specific companies that have seen my browser history, credit card purchases, and email distribution and know what products I want.
I’m offered discount flights a lot, hotels, food and weirdly advertisements for auditions.
Auditions are something that I want to succeed at and there-by book the job, so it annoys the heck out of me when someone is advertising the position in a commercial and enticing me to want the gig.
Obviously I want the gig, Your the ones with the power! You choose me, I don’t choose you!
The first time I auditioned for Disney they had us all sitting in a room watching a video together before we could individually show our stuff. This video literally said stuff like “so will you come and join us?” And other obvious statements that don’t need answering.
Obviously we want to come work for you, why else am I sitting here clutching my headshot?
Other audition advertisements talk about ‘joining the family’, I’m sorry but the only time I’ve ever felt ‘family’ is in community theatre. Theres no money involved in community theatre, and money rules out the fuzzy family feeling in my opinion.
Some advertisements are a pleasure, and I love those cinematic ones that cost a fortune and have a freaking soundtrack.
If you got a bunch of guys together in a recording studios with violins and crap, chances are I will love your commercial and want your product.
Unless its a car.
I think thats where it is right there, different advertisements speak to different people. I love luxury and prestige, particularly when it’s out of my reach. Just like in love, I only want a product I can’t have. So advertisements for colognes, hotels, destinations, anything outside of my price range and I’ll want it.
If it’s cheap, common, and the commercial is shouting at me then I’m turned off. This same ad works for someone else, someone who wants something budget and shops a lot.
I don’t care about the expense in the commercials advertising expensive products because most of the time I have no interest in buying it.
I live out of a suitcase so if I buy something to put into it, something else needs to be thrown out of it.
Even if I don’t ever buy the product though, if I love it then I will talk about it to people who will buy it. Don’t test a performer who was once a healthcare salesman in a country with universal healthcare, I will sell the damn product with my ranting.
But other times I can afford it because I buy things so infrequently that I spend the money I accumulate over periods of time not spending above survival, then pay for it online with my credit card and use my email address. The same credit card and email address advertisers used to sell me the last product I bought.
By the hammer of Thor it works.
I’m off to go buy a muffin before I fly, chances are I saw a poster of it coming in.
See ya’ll soon and subscribe for more 😉
See ya on the flippety flip.

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