People who Ruin Everything

Guess who’s been taking advantage of his free entry at Disney Parks for the last 2 days?? This guy!!
Yesterday I spent the day at Disneyland and learned that though the park is (in my opinion) no where near as good as the Magic Kingdom, the shows are far superior here.
I saw Mickey and the Magical Map yesterday and it slew me with its amazingness, and enjoyed its other offerings such as Soundsational.
Today was a lot better though, we spent the day at Disneys California Adventure, which I think would hold its own very nicely against a Disney World park. I think it may definitely be better than Disneys Hollywood Studios, there’s more variety and the theming is incredible.
Paradise Pier bowled me over, particularly at night. I’ve never been more terrified than when on the Mickey Wheel however omg.
This is the Ferris wheel which has the option to be ridden in sliding rocking carriages, nothing is more terrifying than sliding at gravities leasure hundreds of feet in the air.
But what was the talk of the night was the doosh bag.
During the second showing of the sensational World of Color on Paradise Pier, some capital one A-hole climbed the railing right in front of me and jumped into the lake where the show takes part.
Now this is a show set in a lake comprising of 1200 water fountains, a huge water screen, and dozens of enormous flame throwers. And he just jumps in.
Naturally Disney was forced to shut down the show, and he immerged minutes later dripping and waving to the thousands of people he just pissed off.
Unsurprisingly he was booed, to which he seemed genuinely annoyed.
Luckily 10 minutes later the show resumed with only minor glitches in the system.
What possesses someone to be such a selfish destroyer of happiness?
There was no fame for him, in the dusk we could scarcely see his face. There was no reward, Disney security were on him in seconds. There was no love or applause, he was booed. Is it some need to be noticed?
I hope he was just high or drunk and actually loves Disney Parks, because when he sobers up and realizes he’s made that fabled but completely real black list and can’t come back, he’ll rethink his life choices and do things differently.
Maybe I’m harsh but I take my Disney shows extremely seriously, even before I was a Disney performer I’ve always been extremely strict with how I see a show.
My friends know it can be a massive pain for them. With Fantasmic for example we must be there 1 hour early, we must arrive with Mickey bars, coke and glazed almonds.
At the very least, don’t destroy the show.
In any case I’m delirious and ready for some bed, night guys and subscribe if you wanna 😉

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