Maybe I’m Dying!

Well I’ve been sleeping the past week and a half, at least thats how I feel.
But it’s almost time for me to leave my home town now, and head to Melbourne to see my closest friends and my brother.

If anyone’s been to Noosa in Queensland Australia, then you will know how one can feel asleep in this slow moving beach town with the casual vibe, and sleep supporting warm blanket climate.
Honestly I’m tired so frequently and for so little reason that I’ve genuinely spent some days wondering whether I’ve fallen ill with something that seems like nothing at first, then ends up to be terminal! (I get to that conclusion increasingly quickly as I get older).
But I genuinely spent less time this tired while working my 75 hour performance work weeks aboard the Disney Wonder.
I genuinely want to know why doing nothing and sleeping this much is so tiring, and whether or not I really do have only weeks to live.
After Noosa I’ll be spending 2 weeks killing time in Melbourne and hopefully feeling less tired as I eat in restaurants, eat room service, eat in cafes and eat in bars.
I’ve promised my friend I’ll commit to at least one all nighter spent gaming at an internet cafe with a room full of highly skilled gaming nerds. I never feel less competent than when I’m gaming.
I’m enthusiastic enough about gaming to be subscribed to a gaming magazine and to read about it. I love reading about games and love being excited for a games release, it’s just playing the games that bores me.
Is that weird?
Sometimes I enjoy playing games but their never games that anyone respects, like the Sims or SimCity.
These are games that have no place at all night gaming situation with gaming athletes, so I’ll have to flounder my way through a real game like League of Legends and endure constant defeat as my superiors destroy what will be my most sincere efforts at winning.
Once I’ve finished eating and gaming through my 2 weeks of Melbourne I’ll return to Noosa for a couple days before flying back to America to resume work for Disney.
I do like to return to Australia to be reminded of several things. That while food can be ridiculously expensive, it can also be less damaging to my body. That public transport can also be horrifically expensive, but carry almost nobody who wants my money. That the Australian accent is as awful as I remember, that the doctor is a free option when I’m sick and that the lack of Ozone layer in this country really does feel like it’s making a difference not existing.
The best thing about being in Noosa however (besides seeing family of course) has been teaching kids and teenagers acting workshops.
I partner with a local theatre company to teach kids and teens to act and it is the best fun ever, theres nothing better than a job with young people that doesn’t require you to care for them but allows you to boss them around anyway!
I love to share what I’m learning from being on the stage, and the kids are incredible so it’s awesome.
Plus it never hurts to make back some of the Australian dollars I’m blowing through on my credit card.

Ok well my eye is itching on account of my parents dog so I’m gonna go. I’ll update you soon so until then keep smiling. 🙂 Coz when you smile, the whole world remains unaffected. 🙂

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