What Grinds my Gears about Movies/TV

I’ve decided today that I need a day to do nothing and think, so after having lunch with a friend I’m spending the rest of the day thinking.
It’s been great! I’ve been lying around in various places around the apartment I’m renting while Im in Melbourne, and have done little more than destroy bottles of vanilla coke and think about what makes me mad.
So here follows a list of things I’m passionately annoyed about in movies and television, it’s a bit of an unusual post, but I hope it gets you thinking about the little things about this world that need changing.

Boys between 12 and 17 starring in any movie. Has anyone seen diary of a wimpy kid: dog days? These films are a great example of how decent books can become horrific movies. Problems include crappy acting, a rubbish script, and just the fact that everyone is unlikable. But the worst thing for me is listening to the 14 year old protagonist’s breathy awkward speaking voice. Between these ages a males speaking voice is a shaky, unstable weak sound that is a chore to listen to. So hearing it quiver and stumble through crappy narration was a real ear-sore. He honestly sounds like he has serious nodules on his vocal folds with his rubbish airy sounding voice. How did he get cast? Without a strong commanding speaking voice you have no place in acting I think. So all teenage boys with this problem, for the love of GOD just wait it out.
News anchors fake voices. No-one talks like that! I hope I don’t offend when I say, it’s the lady anchors voices that sound the most fake. If any woman approached me to tell me anything with a voice like that I would freak out and wonder if she was about to burst into tears. Although, at least it’s clear. I feel like this problem might be region specific though, I never really think about it until I’m watching the news in Australia.
Coincidences in movies. Find a more creative and relatable way to move the plot along!! I’m a bit of a hypocrite in regards to plot, I love musicals and can think of no better way to move the plot forward than with a song. But in non-musicals if your movie overuses coincidences, 80’s montages or supporting actors being ok with the unforgivable acts of protagonists than I’m gonna yell at it.
Dads being disrespected in movies and tv shows. Dads on the screen are trying to provide for their families the best they can, and what do they get? Wives getting mad at them for working to much. You don’t like it? Then help him!! But what’s worse is the kids disrespecting him and being celebrated for it. A great example of that is every Disney channel show ever mad. Disrespecting dad is the most common joke ever, but I’m not laughing. These shows push the image of a family that barely exists anymore. Dad working, mum cooking, a couple kids and a lotta money. I’m wondering with this class of family on the brink of collapse, and so many people without a father at all, how is anyone laughing watching dad get dumped on for everything he does? Someone please write a new joke.
Experts in various fields using scientific language and genuine enthusiasm to sell piece of crap products. How much money is a celebrity chef being paid to put his credibility on the line and tell me to buy a rubbish frozen meal? I mean once I eat that rubber food I’m never gonna listen to him again! And how much is that famous coffee enthusiast getting paid to sound like a coffee loser as he plugs a subpar instant coffee? I trusted you!!

Do you agree with anything I’m mad about? Let me know 🙂 subscribe if you’d like to read more and I’ll update you again soon.

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