Disney Cruise Ship in Australia

As I finish up my time here in Melbourne I’m finally seeing a little of what it means for a city to become a port of call for a cruise ship, and it’s eye opening.
Melbourne is going to be a port for an unnamed cruise ship for six months over the holiday season, and the signs have begun going up around the city warning the locals of what to expect.
Such warnings include which tram travelers should start heading to work earlier to avoid being unable to board completely full trams crammed with cruise visitors. Signs with warnings of population surges, and which roads will be crowded and at which times.
I’ve found it interesting because I knew that ships make an impact in the cities and countries they visit, but I never imagined people and councils actively preparing months ahead of time for a ships arrival.
I can only imagine how an Australian city might react were a Disney ship ever to decide to sail into an Aussie port. Whenever we sail through panama aboard my ship the Disney Wonder, hundreds of people turn up at the visitor information centre on the waters edge to wave us in.
We blast the horn for them (remember our horn sounds to the tune of ‘when you wish upon a star’) and Mickey and Minnie stand on the open deck and wave back.
We make a huge impression on the ports of poorer countries, ones that can greatly benefit from the surges of tourism we bring. For the wealthy ports however, such as American and Canadian ports, I never imagined until now that they would notice us much at all.
Because of the power of the Disney brand I have heard that every year when the Disney Magic sails into Europe, ports there make a big deal of her arrival.
But for a country such as Australia, Disney’s presence here is incredibly limited for such a developed country with the standing we have with the world.
Australia is a full scale, first world country that contributes to the planets economy, and Sydney at least is among the worlds most well known and respected cities. My point is that we are not an obscure island nation with a population of 50 people and no cities.
With all of this in mind, why are there no Disney stores, no Disney Parks, no Disney Headquarters that can recruit and audition people and run things properly? (There is a modest Disney headquarters, but it doesn’t do a lot more than run the Aussie Disney website which is far in-superior to the US equivalent).
Disney has no presence in Australia, which is a real shame because I think we have a large Disney starved population that would gobble up the occasional bone thrown our way.
My theory is that when Disney announces and unveils the two more ships I’m sure are being built in Germany at this moment, the smallest ship (my ship, the Disney Wonder) will be sent somewhere new to expand the market. My theory is Asia and Australia.
With a Disney starved market, and a population that loves to vacation, how would Australians react if a Disney cruise ship was sent to port in Sydney Harbour?
If you have a theory let me know! How would you react if Disney came to town? Would you pay for a local Disney vacation that didn’t require you to fly to the other side of the world? I’d love to hear your thoughts.
With two new ships I would imagine that the Wonder would be sent to Asia/Australia, and with the expansion of the Panama Canal due to be finished within 2 years that the Magic can take the Wonder’s place heading to Alaska.
Once the Magic is heading to Alaska, the Dream can take the Magic’s place in Europe and head there every year. This will leave the Fantasy continuing her current cruises in the Caribbean, along with the two new ships. Three ships running the Caribbean will lessen the strain the two ships currently have meeting demand in this very popular cruise area.
With three ships running the area it’ll be easier to incorporate ports we only have time for some of the year, such as Jamaica and way out to Hawaii.
Time will tell whether I’m right with my theoretical planning. 😉
Well, It’s only about a week now until I return to my Disney ship on the other side of the world, I’ll be flying to Miami to meet her on the 19th of this month.
I’ll speak to you again before then however, and thanks for reading. 🙂
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