When it’s time to stand up, and dust off the Passport

Well it’s been a long and eventful vacation, but it’s just about time I transformed back into me, ready to begin performing once again.
This vacation has been full of high moments and good times, if you’ve been following along you’ll remember we started off in Toronto with our adventure at the Hilton. Following that was New York, then a short visit to Los Angeles.
After that we visited my home town Noosa, during which time my brain almost stopped. After that we traveled to Melbourne and have been here for 2 weeks.
In a few days we travel back to Noosa for a couple days, after which I’ll catch a ride to Brisbane International Airport BNE and catch my first flight taking me back to the United States..
Sorry if my writing is a little unusual this post, it’s very late where I am in Australia and I’ve been up all night gaming with my good friend, a luxury I’m never afforded while away from Australia. I’m gonna miss doing stuff like this!
If you can imagine a couple of dudes in their early 20’s sitting around computers with headphones on, surrounded with junk food packets then you minds eye may have found me.
I’m the guy carving chunks of cheese with some very sturdy crackers while singing ‘Night Cheese’ from 30 Rock and blowing some guys head off on League of Legends.
But this practice along with many others will need to be thrown aside in exchange for a suitcase and a dream.

(If you can tell me the Disney reference in the previous sentence I will blog a post singing your praises).

But what practices? I hear you ask. What needs throwing aside?
Try to imagine if you will someone who is extremely active seven days a week for six months, who is somewhat careful about diet and is run ragged to the point of mental and physical shut down. You then allow this person six weeks to do whatever he likes with no accountability for his decisions. He simply needs to return fit and ready for the stage.

Needless to say I ate whatever I wanted, did as little as I could manage, and scoffed at the idea of learning the new shows I am required to perform as soon as I return.
However, as it was always going to, the time has come that I’ve realized my hair is too long and gross, my skin is dry and undermanaged, and I’ve grown softer around the middle.
Yes a vacation of living la vida however the hell I wanted has left me with the clogged up krabby body of a 50 year old couch potato, so something must be done.

A cleanse is my normal answer, and what I did every 6 months or so back in the days when I was a little more on the ball, and went a little less “all out” on vacation. I just need to find something efficient, easy, and preferably liquid or something that I can just ingest and allow to do it’s thang.
If anyone has any wonderful ideas do let me know, I’m totally up for suggestion on this. How do you turn your body around? How might you take a soft squishy pile of 6 ft 3 inch clay and make it into a strong healthy performer again?
I’m determined to clear my skin up, wash out my body, and freshen myself before my flight to Miami next week.
Totally do-able right?

So the plan in my mind right now, some kind of liquid cleanse stuff to drink.
Then maybe some kind of yoga or pilates for the body, and something besides my acne skin stuff to smoothen out the roughness of my skin.
I will make sure to keep you posted on my progress preparing myself for a return to real life.
I will also inform you on my other preparations for my travel across the world, I’m sure the way in which someone prepares for a trip such as that would interest at least some of you. 🙂

Well I’m gonna go and finish up this game I’m playing with my friend now, once I’m traveling again this life I have on vacation will be but a dream,
I hope to see you again soon, thanks for reading along and enjoy your day! 🙂

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