Treating a City as you would a good wine

When I travel to a new city, walk around it and explore it the way that I do, I treat it like a fancy person treats wine.
I’ve particularly noticed it while being in Melbourne again, even though this isn’t a new city for me. Whenever something requires me to stand still for a time, such as awaiting the arrival of a tram, I’ll take in as much as I can while I’m there.
There’s no time for boredom when your traveling and only in a city for a limited time, so even standing in one spot can be made memorable.
I did it a lot in New York while I was there, but was far less aware of what I was doing.
This is what I do.
First I look, and take in everything I can. I search the city for unique architecture, the people, the business’, everything that I’m not gonna see once I’ve left the city.
I loved the colors along the streets of Cartagena, I counted the street vendors through New York, and basked in the LED lighting throughout Shanghai.
Cities are way better once your in them, and the best sights in my opinion are the everyday sights you can’t see anywhere else. Rather than the top of those buildings that allow you to see the whole city, or the monuments that make the city famous, I love the every differences in the regular streets.
The next thing I love to do is take in a big whiff. Often a mistake in the wrong parts of any city, taking in several sniffs is my favorite way of building memories and associations between different places and feelings of happiness.
Smell is a massive tool for our memory, and I love nothing more than to smell something familiar and have it remind me of a happy moment in a strange city.
We remember smells in places without conscious effort anyway, but I like to intentionally help the process to ensure that if I return to a city, I want to be able to smell it and remember the bond I’d already made with the area.
The more I travel to these spectacular places, the more worried I am to lose it. At some point I’ve got to stop and settle somewhere, but it’s got to be somewhere so spectacular that I could live with the thought of just staying put.
Anywhere I am currently, I don’t have to worry about not liking it because sooner or later I’m going to leave.
This is no way to live forever, traditional life moves at a glacial pace this way.
Relationships do happen for people who live like I do, but stuff like marriage and children takes a lot longer, is a lot rarer, and is a lot harder to manage.
But I don’t prioritize anything above career and travel, and giving up a life that marries the two may leave me more miserable than satisfied. It’s tough though because this can’t last forever, so I’ve got to work out a plan sooner or later, I’m not someone that can live without a plan.
Those of you who read my last post will know I’m beginning to prepare my body to transform back into a performers body, so I’ve been eating better and tomorrow I’ll start a cleanse.
I need to wash my vacation out of my body which has been filled with fatty foods and zero exercise.
This contract is going to be a hot one as I’ll be finding myself mostly in the Caribbean, Bahamas and Central America. I’ve always been at the opinion that Mexico is a stargate to Tatooine, it feels like a whole different sun. Or two suns.
As someone who hates to sweat and very much enjoyed our time in Alaska over the summer, this is going to have its challenges.
However I’m excited to have new experiences and am determined to visit new things such as the Mayan ruins.
Well guys it’s been a pleasure, I found a few of your comments today I had somehow missed and have now replied to on previous posts so if you asked a question I may have finally replied haha. I will be sure to keep my eyes more open from this point on 😉
Have a great one! Travel safe 🙂

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