On Disney

Well I’m here again, the place I’m in several times a year.
Where I am is a semi comfortable seat with cold arm rests and sufficient room for thinking and nervous sweating.
Im at Brisbane International Airport (BNE) headed for LAX then on to Miami (MIA).
Im a nervous flyer and despite flying long distances several times a year have not shaken the sweats I get while waiting in the terminal.
My nervous anxiety is fueled by the far too large coffee I just downed, (coffee gives me anxiety at the best of times) and the anxiety I always feel before I rejoin Disney.
Disney is a great place to work, particularly if you work in entertainment. I’ve heard from good friends and roommates that working for Disney is rough for other departments, my best friend at Disney World being my connection to the world of quick service dining. Feeding the masses of guests has scarred him for life I dare say.
But for entertainment the life is fantastic, and though expectations are very high, the work is very rewarding.
As I write this I am strengthening my resolve in my decision to fly, but I become no less anxious. Thanks coffee.
Besides the travel which is a huge perk, the job is rewarding because I love to take huge movies that people love, and be a part of their realisation into becoming live entertainment. I love representing excellence and when you make people aware that as a performer you work for Disney, people do not need telling that you work hard to keep the shows to a high standard.
I am a huge fan of excellence and doing things properly, I think Mr Carson and I would be great friends. (From Downton Abbey).
I think the excellence is what brings me back consistently and my ability to contribute the best that I can. I’ve grown up believing that everyone has an obligation to find however best they can contribute to the world, and work hard to come to a place where you have the opportunity to give your contribution as effectively as you can.
This is why I can’t become a writer, because as much as I love it, I’m not really any good at it. I read from my favourite authors all the time and thank them for doing what they do best. But for myself, this decision would be irresponsible.
I’m not saying however that I’m an amazing performer, definitely not. What I’m saying is that there isn’t anything I can personally do better than perform. (Which basically makes me useless in the zombie apocalypse).
So though I will always perform, I won’t perform for Disney forever. Eventually I’m going to want to perform regular shows in regular theatres in a regular city. These shows won’t feature and Disney characters at all! By this point I can barely imagine what the should could even be about? Imagination is the centre of just about every show I do! Along with a healthy dose of Mickey 😉
But while I do perform for Disney I’m not ashamed to say that I love the company, love what it does for people, and love the feeling people get when you talk about it.
How many companies give people warm fuzzies? Companies that size normally bore or annoy people.
As the worlds biggest entertainment company I don’t think anyone is unaffected by its influence, and I don’t think any company has as many die hard fans. I
How many companies do you know can have an annual conference containing exclusively announcements about itself and be a sold out globally sought after event.
Well that’s quite enough about Mickey, almost time to board. See ya soon Disney, and thanks guys for reading, next time I write it’ll be from America. Safe travels!

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