Moving Abroad Skittishness

Hey guys sorry for the gap, I’m back on the ship!
For those who don’t know, Im an entertainer aboard the Disney Wonder and I travel while performing Disney shows for kids.
Every time I come back aboard I fall behind in my writing and blogging as Im swept up in sudden work and scripts and pressure. Its a never ending onslaught of things to do and worry about, and there never seems to be enough time in the day.
Luckily I have plenty of time to get off the ship in various countries and enjoy new experiences in new places.
Right now were spending time around the south of the US and in Mexico. I love being in Mexico for the wonderful food and amazing ruines, but I can’t stand the searing heat. Recently I was in Alaska for three months so Im missing that climate, more recently I was in New York which is the perfect temperature for me.
I don’t know if you’ve heard, but new immigration standards are being considered by four Commonwealth countries to allow for easier passage between these countries. After an Australian teacher was forced to leave England because of an expired visa, the British Prime Minister came up with the idea to relax the rules for certain countries.
The four countries are Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the UK.
If this goes through in about a year it would be easier to move between these countries perminantly, without needing an exceptional circumstance.
This would be wonderful because I could see loving living in London, although I’d have to begin again there financially because I’ll die before I convert all my worthless Australian dollars into British Pounds and more than halve the savings that I have built up. So I’d have to move there and start modestly and live with a friend until I got on my feet.
Some people are worried though, most of which live in Australia.
We are a country with very few people and a lot of land mass. Australia is roughly the land size of America, but with the population of Texas. England has far more people than us, and is a tiny island on which everyone is squeezed in. Australians worry if we open the gates we will be overrun.
I think this worry is ludicrous because countries grow and improve with population. Look how awesome America is with all those cities and towns, driving through America must be awesome because there are a ton of populous places to explore.
Driving through Australia, you can drive for ages and see nothing, we have far to much space. Id welcome a healthier population level that forced us to build more cities, perhaps its time for our own Vegas? We definitely have the desert for it.
For now I’m gonna stay in America and Mexico, let me know what you think of people moving around, and where you would live if you could live anywhere!
I’ll be back within a few days, talk soon 😉

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