It’s Time for Change in 2015. But What do I Do?

Well it’s nearly Christmas, and just as I have for the previous 2 Christmas’s I will be spending it on the opposite side of the world to my family.
At this point it’s not the burden it was the first time I did it, I’m hardly a child anymore, and I’m not yet at the point I have to worry about being there for my own kids.
But it’s still pretty much the only holiday Australians take seriously as Thanksgiving/Halloween and everything else don’t exist down under, therefore in missing one holiday, I miss them all.
This year my Christmas will be spent at Disney’s Castaway Cay, an island paradise to be sure, but hardly ideal for me.
I will likely spend it performing a kids archeological show in the sand, and eating burgers on the beach, but I’m still hankering for my white Christmas.
I think this time next year I’ll spend it in Asia, I’m pretty sure Shanghai Disneyland is due to open for the holidays next year so maybe I’ll have a chilly Chinese Christmas in Shanghai instead.
For some reason I doubt I’ll be working for Disney this time next year, I can feel the end of an era drawing near as I yearn to venture into the non magical real world beyond the lands lorded by Mickey Mouse.
It’s not to say I don’t care about the company anymore, I’ve come to a point where I could work for this company forever, but I crave change and need new experiences.
I’m still seriously considering spending 4 months in Kunming China simply to learn Mandarin, or even just a few weeks if I feel I can’t commit to that kind of time frame.
Other options now include moving to London, crashing at my friends London apartment and look for auditions and work casually. Her demands in return simply include my dedication to a Downton Abbey lazy Sunday every weekend, which suits me perfectly. I’ve never been to Europe at all, and the idea of living in London and auditioning sounds “like a dream, a wonderful dream come true”. (A Cinderella quote from a show I’m a part of, I can’t say ‘like a dream’ anymore without finishing the line).
Theres also still the possibility of my potentially maybe joining Royal Caribbean’s fleet performing for DreamWorks shows. That would be really great, and would return me to the performance style I grew to love while I worked at Disney World.

Failing everything else I can always move to Sydney in my home country of Australia and audition for stuff, it would be a new city after all and a great place to start again.
I have a close friend in Orlando who would let me crash with her and look for work, but it would be tough to get the right visa to work legally.
Another problem is that once I do anything thats not working for a cruise line I’ll be responsible for buying plane tickets again, which hasn’t been a problem for me for the past year and a half. I barely remember the $2,500 sting of a return flight to America, that smarts.
I’m grateful for options, but it’s been plaguing me and it’s difficult to decide what I want. But for now I’ll enjoy Christmas, and if your going to sail Christmas aboard the Disney Wonder then I will put on an extra good show for you 😉
I hope you all have wonderful holidays and I’ll talk again soon. 🙂

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