A Bloody Start to 2015

Hey guys sorry for my absence, how long has it been? A month or so?
Not a lot has happened for me in the period between last we talked and now. Christmas and the holidays took a lot of attention away from other things, and now things are settling down just before the madness of spring break.
Already its been a crazy year for the animation industry, first Disney steps between Hasbro and DreamWorks and cuts off an acquisition deal.
Well is it fair of me to say that Disney cut the deal off? When in reality Disney offered Hasbro money, partnership and a chance to be part of the impossibly successful ‘Frozen’ franchise, but this incredible offer couldn’t go ahead if DreamWorks were a part of the fun.
So Disney basically gave Hasbro an unmissable offer which in accepting would deny DreamWorks their last hope at a necessary and enormous cash infusion.
Then only a couple weeks later DreamWorks shuts down PDI DreamWorks, a big animation studio of theirs putting roughly 500 people out of work.
In an industry as relatively small as animation, this was a huge blow to the industry and is going to have a massive effect on LA.
Im not saying Disney was directly responsible for DreamWorks being forced to lay off 500 people, many of DreamWorks movie flops played a large part.
But I do believe Disney will be happier once DreamWorks is either completely gone, or squashed into something that barely resembles what it once was.
Shanghai Disneyland is due to open at the end of this year, very exciting news. And along with every other studio, Im sure Disney is tailoring its movies this year to be considered for entry into one of the very limited spots on Chinese cinema screens. After the difference the huge Chinese audience made to the profits of the last Transformers movie, everyone is realising that there are hundreds of millions of dollars to be made in this very conservative country.

Im just really realising lately that I work for a company that while is wonderful and is still in the business of ‘dreams come true’, is a bulldog corporate giant that is the very definition of capitalism. We have stregically picked the perfect time to begin making our mark on the increasingly capitalistic Mainland China.

Speaking of China, I’m in the process of organising another trip there Im very pleased to say. I plan to visit Kunming and study Mandarin properly for 2 weeks in April.

Do you have any thoughts on Disney, the world of animation, the plight of DreamWorks or the ever capitalising China? Let me know 🙂
Until next time keep your eyes out, and keep exploring

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