Picking a City like Picking Candy at the Movies

Hey whats up? It’s been a while!

I’ve finished my third contract, but I’ve postponed my trip to China.
I know right what could be worse?
But after disaster strikes one rarely wants to do fun things on ones own, so one delays them to a future in which one can imagine oneself happy again. So basically It’ll be November now.
It was nothing too big, but I did want to be around people I knew and not learning a foreign language in a foreign country alone. My plan now is to do it as part of a large multi country traveling plan I have ready for after I become unemployed, which may be only months away.

I’m a week away from embarking on what is probably my final contract performing for Disney, and having signed my first contract in 2011 I can barely remember a life in which I performed for anyone else.
I’ve traveled a lot in that time and spent a lot of time with Mickey Mouse, but it’s nearly time I tackle a stage that doesn’t have a princess on it and speak a line of dialogue that doesn’t end with the phrase “dreams come true” or “true loves kiss.”

It’s been amazing though, I’m absolutely not talking down on my experience, I’ve been very fortunate. The scary thing is the thought of leaving now and trying to convince anyone else in the world to cast me.
I had done very little before Disney took a chance on me, and have therefore today done very little that isn’t Disney. Basically I’m just gonna have to take a chance and leap out into the world and hope I find somewhere to land, and speaking on the topic I now have the duration of my final three month contract to decide which city to live in, perhaps permanently.

This is going to be a big decision as I haven’t had a permanent home since I was in university, so I don’t remember a life in which I own more than I can fit into a suitcase and a carry on bag. First thing I wanna do when I start a grounded life is buy a big tv! I’ve never been able to own one of those!
As a couple people reading may remember, I generally spend my summer with Disney in Alaska so that’s where I’ll be until the sea begins to re-freeze and we need to get the snowy hell outta there. Although this time we will be offering three separate shows and events based on the hit Frozen, as Disney has now decided that buzz about that film is for some reason just not going away.
When even the Godlike Tina Fey is joining the world of media mothers and coming on television talking about how her daughters talk of nothing but Frozen years after the films release, it’s time to start pumping out even more Frozen stuff.
So I’ve got that to look forward to.
But once my icy summer is over I’ll be deciding between a few cities that have made my exclusive and highly coveted list of places for me to pick as my home.
The list includes London, Toronto, Sydney and unsurprisingly Shanghai.

Shanghai is there for no more reason than that I love China to pieces, although the fact that my dollar stretches so far here doesn’t hurt either. What works against Shanghai for me is the fact that my own crappy Mandarin is stunted by my inability to learn lessons whenever I’m sad or bored, which has meant inconsistent lessons so far apart that I forget my previous learning and find myself learning backwards until I remember anything that I had studied before.
Basically trying to go to China to “make it” in acting without speaking Mandarin would be more than useless.
I could go there doing something else and study Mandarin while I’m there and try to get ‘gigs’ on the side, but lets get real. No-one with a full time job in a country that doesn’t speak their native language is doing anything ‘on the side’ except daytime drinking and getting lost trying to find national landmarks.

London would be a great one for me, I have a ton of friends in London and I speak the language. Well as I’m Australian, to an English person I don’t so much speak the language as I chew on it, stretch it out and spit in onto the sidewalk.
Points against London are for the most part that the currency would destroy my dollars and leave me almost penniless, and that unlike Chinas emerging acting market, London is chock full of people trying to act.
This is by no means an exaggeration, London is full of extremely talented and well learned actors, so much so that casting directors can turn people away simply because their hard won acting qualifications were attained at a school that isn’t fashionable enough. And here I come prancing along with my gnarly Australian accent, zero qualification, laughable experience and some notion that a $2,000 plane ticket and recently destroyed bank account means that Europe somehow owes me something.

Toronto is winning for me, it’s close enough to America that going to New York whenever I feel sad is achievable. It’s a beautiful city, and there is a large indie acting scene that combines the skill and output of an old experienced city with the fun and energy of a new one. It’s a place that with my wildly under-researched mind I believe would be more receptive to a new kid looking for a new land based start. Canadian Dollars are kind to my Australian ones, and who doesn’t like Canada? Except maybe Americans?

Sydney as you know is an Australian city, it would be the best place within Australia for me definitely as Melbourne is for hipsters who are happy to act in Indie shows for free. But mostly I would pick it not for the sense of adventure or discovery, but for the fact that it’s not far from my home and I could visit home as frequently as I like. A lame reason to pick a city? Absolutely. It’s a choice people make all the time, but I myself find it a very unremarkable choice to make.

Have an opinion? Let me know! And I’ll update again soon, keep traveling and don’t make choices for lame reasons!
Have a good one 🙂

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