Hello there! I’m Jordan

So some things about me…

I lived and studied in Queensland, Australia until it all changed with one casting call.
The big turning point in my life was my 2011 casting to work a 12 month performance contract at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.


That year still remains the most unbelievable experience of my life to this point.

I returned to Australia for 8 months while I negotiated a contract to be cast aboard a Disney Cruise Line ship, The Disney Wonder.

Aboard the Wonder I was based out of Miami, Florida for the winters and Vancouver, Canada for the summers.
During that time I travelled most of the United States, Canada, Alaska and Central/South America. You can read about a lot of that time here in the old blog section of the Jedi Archives.

While in San Francisco and still working aboard the Wonder I auditioned for and was cast by Royal Caribbean International,


I signed a contract to be cast aboard their ship the Quantum of the Sea’s based out of Shanghai. With this contract I saw a lot of China, Japan and South Korea.

Cruise ship work provided a great way for me to travel the world and meet many different people with a variety of backgrounds.
Once I got to know people I could write about them or podcast an interview with them so they could share their story.

Eventually I lost my taste for cruise ship work and moved to Auckland, New Zealand for a short while doing freelance TV, live performance work and teaching acting workshops.


After a few months living in Auckland I was referred to a company in my dream city Shanghai.
In Shanghai I teach drama and movement and am involved in other performance orientated work. Although I still pop back over to ships whenever a performer hurts himself and they need someone to step in. I also head over to Australia and New Zealand to teach a little whenever I have the time and money.

If your enjoying the site, please let me know!

There’s also nothing like an old fashioned early 2000’s style mailing list!

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